Congratulations to our 2019 World Summit Awards Winners from Australia

World Summit Awards Global Competition 2019 received nominations from 112 United Nations member countries. After carefully considering estimated 8,000 projects/products across 8 strategic categories, following 3 Nominees representing Australia were recognised as Prestigious Winners in their respective categories.

Socialsuite makes it easy to measure and monitor how an organisation, its programs and services impact the community and the environment in line with the UN SDGs. Simple, automated data-collection and analysis tools, help discover how investments in social programs are meeting their objectives. It’s a platform for automatically and rigorously monitoring how your initiatives impact people. All information is synthesised into simple, interactive visuals graphs, charts and performance measures that can be cut, diced and drilled for further analysis. Socialsuite is creating a positive snowball effect in the society, thereby, showing promising potential to impact in a global context as well, putting Australia at the center of social impact measurement..

The Living First Language Platform addresses the urgent global need to revitalize, preserve and teach Indigenous Languages through the development of community-driven, interactive and dynamic digital literacy apps. When languages die, we lose more than words. We lose a carrier of culture and the connection we share with ourselves, our tradition and our history. This technology bridges cultural divides, encourages literacy and, most importantly, puts First Languages firmly back in community members’ hands to pass on to the next generation.

Communiteer is a social enterprise with a mission to facilitate social impact through cross-sector collaboration. The social GOOD network, bringing corporates, charities & purpose driven people together to do more social good. Communiteer leverages the technology behind social media platforms to create deeper engage with change-makers. Through the power of crowd-sourcing, Communiteer mobilises purpose-driven individuals to contribute towards the SDGs in their own way.